Barefoot Books Multicultural Day!

January 27, 2018 is a day to snuggle up with your little one (or not so little one) and celebrate diversity in all forms.

For Barefoot Books’ Multicultural Day, I received a free copy of The Barefoot Book of Children by Tessa Strickland and Kate DePalma and illustrated by David Dean. I was excited to get it and share it with my six-year-old son, but nothing prepared me for the experiences that this book has fostered between my son and me.


Ben was just as excited as I was when we held this gorgeous book in our hands. The illustrations are inspiring and are rendered with honesty and creativity. My son wants to be an illustrator and he notices the little things I don’t usually pick up on so this book was a rare treat in that small details on each spread prompted him to ask me questions which led to discussions about different (different than him) types of people.


The text poses thoughts and asks questions and promotes interaction by way of discussion. Discussions that had my son and I learning together to find answers to as we went to other resources to find out more about a certain type of person or culture. I read picture books to my son all the time, but I don’t know if one book has ever prompted so many discussions between us.

I highly recommend this book depicting children from all over the world who have all types of abilities and talents and dreams clearly shown on the pages.

Take this chance and this challenge as an opportunity to share diversity with someone you know…anyone!

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