Middle Grade, survival adventure for ages 8-14, written especially for reluctant readers

When Bryce and Jack head out on a mountain backpacking trip with their grandfather, things quickly unravel. Grandpa’s got an injured knee. Jack’s got an injured soul. Bryce just wants to fix everything by being good, except he has a secret–a treasure map he found in his grandpa’s barn loft. A treasure map that he kind of stole. On the hike, one disaster strikes after another and the two brothers must come to terms with their differences and their family that is falling apart. And maybe somehow, Bryce can figure out how to hold it all together.


“…this book is jam-packed with adventure and lots of appeal for reluctant readers.” -Jenn Bishop, author of The Distance to Home

“…both [brothers] must make some choices about what really matters to them…exposing how our most frustrating relationships can sometimes be the most worthwhile, and how with families–as with the wilderness–not everything is as it seems. A quick, exciting read!” -Melanie Conklin, author of Counting Thyme

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