Picture Book Agents

Picture Book Agents

Below is a list of 170+ literary agents who accept Picture Books (most accept PB-YA). Please, let me know in the comments section if I’ve missed any agents or if links aren’t working anymore.

Last updated: March 21, 2018

As always, research each agent you query. Some only represent illustrators or author/illustrators and some aren’t currently open to submissions. Plus, agent guidelines vary and can change at any time. Good luck and happy querying!!

Adams Literary:

Tracey Adams

John Adams

Lorin Oberweger

Aevitas Creative:

Nan Thornton

Rick Richter

Andrea Brown Literary Agency:

Jennifer Mattson

Jennifer Rofe

Kelly Sonnack

Lara Perkins

Laura Rennert

Caryn Wiseman

Jamie Weiss Chilton

Kathleen Rushall

Jennifer March Soloway

Barry Goldblatt Literary:

Barry Goldblatt

Jennifer Udden

The Bent Agency:

Lousie Fury

Gemma Cooper

Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises:

Betsy Amster

Mary Cummings

Bookends Literary:

Tracy Marchini

Natascha Morris

Naomi Davis

Bookmark Literary:

Teresa Kietlinski

Bookstop Literary:

Kendra Marcus

Minju Chang

Bradford Literary Agency:

Natalie Lakosil

Kari Sutherland

The Chudney Agency:

Steven Chudney

Corvisiero Agency:

Marissa Corbisiero

Creative Authors:

Isabel Atherton

Curtis Brown:

Elizabeth Harding

Ginger Knowlton

DeFiore and Company:

Laurie Abkemeier

Meredith Kaffel Simonoff

Ashley Collom

Gabrielle Piraino

Dunham Literary:

Jennie Dunham

Dunow, Carlson & Lerner:

Edward Necarsulmer IV

Henry Dunow

Jennifer Carlson

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management:

Stacey Kendall Glick

John Rudolph

Michael Hoogland

East West Literary:

Deborah Warren

Eden Street:

Liza Voges

Einstein Literary Management:

Susan Graham

Emerald City Literary Agency:

Linda Epstein

Emma Sweeney Agency:

Kira Watson

Empire Literary:

Penny Moore

Erin Murphy Literary Agency:

Erin Murphy

Ammi-Joan Paquette

Tricia Lawrence

Kevin Lewis

The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency:

Ethan Ellenberg

Evan Gregory

Bibi Lewis

Flannery Literary:

Jennifer Flannery

Folio Literary Management:

Emily van Beek

John Cusick

Foundry Literary & Media:

Adriann Ranta

Tanusri Prasanna

Full Circle Literary:

Adriana Dominguez

Stefanie Von Borstel

Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency:

Nancy Gallt

Marietta B. Zacker

Linda Camacho

Gernert Company:

Seth Fishman

Gersh Agency:

Allison Cohen

Gina Maccoby Literary Agency:

Gina Maccoby

Greenburger and Associates:

Brenda Bowen

Faith Hamlin

Wendy Gu

Ed Maxwell

Greenhouse Literary Agency:

Sarah Davies

Poly Nolan, UK

Hannigan, Salky, Getzler:

Carrie Hannigan

Hen & Ink:

Erzsi Deak

The Herman Agency:

Ronnie Ann Herman

ICM Partners:

Tina Wexler

Inkwell Management:

Charlie Olsen

Stephen Barbara

Janklow & Nesbit:

Brooks Sherman

Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency:

Jennifer Weltz

Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency:

Jennifer DeChiara

Linda Epstein

Marie Lamba

Stephen Fraser

Vicki Selvaggio

Alexandra Weiss

Roseanne Wells

Colleen Oefelein

Jill Corcoran Literary Agency:

Jill Corcoran

Tim Travaglini

Megged Nuchi

Jodell Sadler

Elizabeth Bennett

Kar-Ben Publishing:

Joni Sussman

Laura Dail Literary Agency:

Elena Roth Parker

Carrie Pestritto

Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency:

Sally Apokedak

Levine, Greenberg, Rostan Literary Agency:

Kerry Sparks

Linnan Literary Management:

Jen Linnan

Liza Royce Agency:

Liza Fleissig

Ginger Harris

Mackenzie Wolf Agency:

Gillian Mackenzie

Mansion Street Management:

Michelle Witte

Martin Literary Management:

Clelia Gore

Adria Goetz

Massie & McQuilkin:

Julie Stevenson

McIntosh & Otis:

Christa Heschke

McKinnon McIntyre Literary Agency:

Tanya McKinnon

Molly O’Neill, Literary Agent:

Molly O’Neill

New Leaf Literary & Media:

Joanna Volpe

Olswanger Literary:

Anna Olswanger

Painted Words:

Lori Nowicki

Claire Easton

Pippin Properties:

Elena Giovinazzo

Holly McGhee

Sara Crowe

Larissa Helena

Prospect Agency:

Rachel Orr

P.S. Literary Agency:

Curtis Russell

Quill Shift Literary:

Ayanna Coleman

Red Fox Literary:

Abigail Samoun

Karen Grencik

Stephanie Fretwell-Hill

Jenna Pocius

Red Sofa Literary:

Stacey Graham

Rising Bear Literary:

Rick Margolis

The Rights Factory:

Ali McDonald

Rodeen Literary Management:

Lori Kilkelly

Paul Rodeen

Rubin Pfeffer Content:

Rubin Pfeffer

Melissa Nasson


Samantha B. Literary:

Samantha Bagood

Sandra Dijkstra & Associates:

Thao Le

Jessica Watterson

Suzy Evans

Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency:

Jessica Sinsheimer

Susan Schulman Agency:

Susan Schulman

Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary:

Ann Behar

Sean McCarthy Literary Agency:

Sean McCarthy

The Seymour Agency:

Jennifer Wills

Sheldon Fogelman:

Sheldon Fogelman

Janine Le

Amy Stern

Sterling Lord Literistic:

Douglas Stewart

Stimola Literary Studio:

Rosemary Stimola

Erica Rand Silverman

Stonesong Literary Agency:

Emmanuelle Morgen

Alyssa Jennette

Melissa Edwards

Madelyn Burt

Storm Literary Agency:

Essie White

Victoria Selvaggio

Thompson Literary Agency:

Cindy Uh

Transatlantic Literary Agency:

Fiona Kenshole

Andrea Cascardi (via interview)

Amy Tompkins

Trident Media Group

Alyssa Eisner Henkin

The Unter Agency:

Jennifer Unter

Upstart Crow Literary:

Alexandra Penfold

Susan Hawk

Waverly Place Literary:

Debbie Carter

Wells Arms Literary:

Victoria Wells Arms

Wernick & Pratt:

Linda Pratt

Marcia Wernick

Emily Mitchell

Willow Words Literary Agency:

Sheri Bestor

Wordserve Literary:

Sarah Freese

Writers House:

Jodi Reamer

Brianne Johnson

Rebecca Sherman

Stephen Barr

Steven Malk

Andrea Morrison

Lindsay Davis Auld



7 thoughts on “Picture Book Agents”

  1. Could you check on Lori Kilkelly at Rodeen, she is not on the face page as an agent now. And Rick Richter has a new agency Aevitas Creative Management, but I could have landed on an article from 2016 for this.


    1. Hard to find but according to Lori’s fb page, she’s still an agent there. Thanks for the input! I wasn’t sure how to categorize ZSH and Aevitas but I’ve changed it over to Aevitas now.


  2. Shari, I just found that Lori Kilkelly is starting a new agency for her clients and I have misplaced the name but it doesn’t have her name in the title. I will see if I can find it with Google search. It was on an SCBWI post.


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